Design process

Initial free consultation visit

When you get in touch I will come to meet you and view your garden. We’ll discuss your requirements, what you want out of your garden, any existing problems you have with the site and your preference for particular garden styles and materials.

Project brief and quote

Once we’ve discussed what you are looking for I’ll put together a written brief of your requirements to clarify your aims and what your project will include. I will then be able to provide my quote for undertaking the work for you to consider.


Once you are happy to go ahead I’ll start by conducting a detailed survey of your garden to measure all the dimentions and any slopes of the site as well as soil type analysis where needed.

Concept sketch and presentation

Based on these details, and the ideas we have discussed, I’ll think through ideas to create a garden space which meets your particular needs. I’ll draw this up as a concept sketch of the proposed design and present this to you for you to consider and give your thoughts and comments. This can also include a mood board of sample photographs to give you a feel for the colours, textures and plants included in the design.

Final detailed plans

Once we’ve agreed on the design concept I will go on to create a fully detailed, hand-drawn or computer modelled plan of the design for your garden. This will be accompanied by construction drawings and specification documents so that all elements are clear to enable landscapers to provide quotations for building the garden.

Planting plan

I’ll also provide detailed planting plans for your garden, showing the position, quantity and variety of each plant.